"I see what you do not see"


I am fortunate to be able to contribute my knowledge, skills and passion in a way that inspires and

positively impacts people's lives.

I find fascinating for you unusual solutions with

Red hair! What a burden! For a whole 38 years I thought I was terrible with it. Or did my environment not like them? Today I like my red hair and find my name Ginger appropriate. Because of my hair, I was teased, bullied, excluded as a child. As a teenager I suffered from my white skin and freckles and as an adult I often had to fight against clichés: I was unapproachable and arrogant. Oh yes and sexy... Inside I felt different: misunderstood, insecure and often lonely with my feelings and thoughts and this hair! I learned that it is better to pretend me to please. Driven by an inner longing, I searched for the answer to my question in seminars, jobs, trainings, relationships and worldwide:

                                                             Why do I feel so much and different & how should I be ?


                                                                         Answers I received with time, above all:

                                                               I am a triplet born alone & that it is best to be myself!

This realization was fantastic because I suddenly understood myself, my dear life, my hair and my vocation. To positively motivate people to be themselves and to realize that they developed their mental and physical illnesses by ignoring their own needs. Almost all of my clients pretended, consciously or unconsciously, in order to please, to look good and much more. This can cause mental and physical illness.
                                                                                          Do you know this as well?

With my gift: "I see what you do not see", I have already led many people to a clearer view, much more joy of life and mental and physical health. To be allowed to do this is a gift.

                                                                            Would you like to change to be happier?


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  ...If I ignore this, I will never know if this could have changed my life for the better.


If you feel a yes to call, go for it. There is no better sign! If not, its fine too. Trust yourself.