• For everyday questions: why, who, if, how?
  • For people who can no longer talk, e.g. after a sleep attack
  • For situations for which one wants answers: love, relationship problems, job, psychosomatic issues, etc.  
  • and any serious question whose answer is important.

How does that work?

I am asked again and again and hopefully I have a comprehensible explanation for you:

"Imagine you take a book with the title " By the Sea" into your hands.... What is happening to you right now? Do you see images appearing before your inner eye? Pictures of the sea, seagulls, ships, holiday resorts, etc. and do you feel the memories?

You see, that's exactly how I feel when I look at a client, when I touch him. I don't need my client's history for that, because I read in them like an open book. My client doesn't need to go in search of memories because I do it for them...:

  • via a foot reading   
  • Massage application   
  • from a photo   
  • Enquiry via the media
  • Psycho-physiognomic diagnosis of the face


Problem/ issue:
Lactose intolerance


Non-healing right big toe


in the own doctor's practice the new emloyess are

pregnant again and again

non-healing wart on the right foot

callus and non-healing furrows

of both soles

Despite her enthusiasm for social games, the woman is afraid of afraid of playing cards, board games, etc. together.



Cause not recognised by the client:
at the age of 6, the boy had to take over the role of protector and father for the mother

as a little girl she always wanted to please the father and took back her own pleasure


own desire to have children unfulfilled

anger and resentment against the father-in-law for rejecting the daughter-in-law - the client

separated from her family, left home behind and has not yet found her own family-roots

As a child she invented a board game which she proudly showed to her brother. He destroyed it and laughed at her sister.

Can our body think?
The human body has a memory like an elephant. It stores all experiences and feelings that the human being has experienced in muscles and organs.

Experiences are not forgotten and can show up later as physical or mental undesirable habits, or diseases. Rigid muscles are prison walls of fears. The walls with which a person surrounds himself inwardly cause the outer muscle system to become rigid. Unconsciously, a person repeatedly creates life circumstances for himself that do not nourish him, but rob him of vitality, zest for life and health. To clarify inner building sites, such as conflicts, family issues, entanglements, limiting beliefs, repressed feelings and much more, and at the same time to integrate them into life, leads to health and affirming feelings.

Is there only one health ?
There is only one health. However, multiple diseases exist, especially in our modern times. WHY ? The diseases of the body show that the only health is missing! Disease was given to the body as a unique warning signal. It is the sign that something is literally "going wrong in your life". The body of man speaks a very understandable language, which can be read and translated, so that man can understand his body. If he wants to.

Painkillers are not a solution! They only separate the feelings from the real cause. If the person looks away, he cannot get well. Running away is not a solution either...

 "You talk to him, show him how you feel",
said the soul to the body. He does not listen to me.
"Maybe he will listen to you?"
"I will get sick and then he will have time for you",
the body answered.

Illness - Truth - Health