Massage means touch in the broadest sense
and is completely free of any intention. Massages are one of the oldest remedies in the world and are among the most meaningful experiences. Massages are one of the oldest remedies in the world and are among the most profound experiences. Touch is important for your emotional well-being and your body. They go "under the skin", so to speak, our largest organ of perception with over 18,000 square centimeters of surface area!
Massages loosen the muscles, get the blood circulation going, stimulate the cell metabolism and release tension. Pain or other ailments that your body shows are usually signals of mental discomfort that have been ignored for years. Illnesses that you carry around with you are a symbol that something has gone wrong in your life, in the truest sense of the word.

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Energy massages
bring you the necessary energy flow and also relaxation. Beneficial and regenerating energies flow to you to the extent that you are ready to receive them. Especially in case of tension, the energy massage is perceived as very pleasant. Even if you are under psychological pressure, an energy massage will provide you with the necessary relaxation.
The free-flowing Reiki energy is always healing, you feel well and balanced. Reiki is used by me, according to your wishes. Or it simply flows where your body needs it. An energy massage harmonizes your energy centers and you feel good all around.