As a soul reader, I am a psycho-physiognomist (not a psychotherapist), wellness therapist, NLP coach and pay attention to everything, such as thoughts, feelings and the soul, in order to straighten out "crazy" feelings.

My aim is to give you an alternative to other therapeutic approaches with my 9 weeks of guidance - an individual coaching on a holistic level. With my experience and fascinating, unusual view of you and your inner life, you can be curious about what is possible.

It is easy for most people to believe that they have drawn happiness and ease of life ( my invented word ) into their lives. The harder it is to understand ( it was for me and it is again and again ) that they are also SELF responsible for their illness or mental suffering. Yes, they are SELF responsible for everything. Unfortunately. It is your life and therefore you have to make the most important contribution to your healing, ease of life etc..
Even if some people believe to manage it alone, it is then the support of another experienced person who sets important impulses...

Healing needs time, security and feedback
Change does not happen overnight. It needs the right time, the real willingness to look at something. Scientific findings and my personal experiences show me over and over again that it takes 66-100 days to make a change. That is why my focus is on the 9 week journey with the person who is willing to invest time and perseverance to safely reach their set goal.

I am always fascinated by the individual journey and development process that my clients accomplish in a very short period of time. It is a gift to accompany and teach them. My favorite teacher is still Marcellus "Bearheart", even though he is no longer on earth, he is still considered the grand old white man among Native American seers and healers. I practiced his shamanic way of seeing and healing long before I read about him.

IMPORTANT and timely:
There are more and more people with mental illnesses, and the pandemic has increased the number even further: According to recent analysis by DAK Krankenversicherung, sick leave due to mental illness was at an all-time high in 2021.

Read more at this: source. Report of the NDR from March 21, 2022