Welcome to my personal life! Here you will learn everything, almost everything about me. Above all, my experience should show that I have with my life experience and quite know how it can go to one and that there is always a solution ...

 I thank my parents and all life companions that they formed me with.  Above all, I thank myself for always remaining in my heart the person I want to be: positive, life-affirming and Body & Mind Teacher. 

Panamalkanal 2006

                         Happy day! Ginger Silke Heike Endt

Thursday 1 June 1972 in Plauen, at very early!
"Oh that is a sweet little face, that must be a girl!" These were the first words I "heard". That's how I was greeted by the midwife, my mommy says.


The following true story was probably the cornerstone that I have always believed and believe that if you want, probably everything is possible.:
1976, it is cold and I have my Herzelkostüm on, because today is carnival in kindergarten! My mom says goodbye and goes on to her work. I look for my confetti, but it's not there. "I want my confetti!" ...It's still with my mom. So, without a jacket, I walk 2.3km after my mom to her work to get it. I find the way, even though I have NEVER walked this way before, and get my confetti. I am just 4 years.... Even today I remember exactly how I waved out of the car window..............

"Ginger" - Silke Heike Endt

was born in 1972 as a red-haired girl in the GDR. Already as a child she had medial abilities which she never communicated to her environment. Due to her red hair and bright nature, she was often unwillingly the center of attention. Today she would probably belong to the children with ADHD.