2022 EnjoyLifeAgain in person or online: for children, teens and adults

                    2021 EnjoyLifeAgain unfortunately and thank God online: for kids, teens and adults
                             Ginger's SoulOasis is already emerging in thought
                             Further development and deepening of my knowledge with John Assaraf - he is one of the leading

                             experts for thinking and behavior in the world & my hero ;-)

                    2020 Development of 9 weeks of guidance online

                    2018 trial months in the forest kindergarten
                             School support for difficult children

                    2017 Lead therapist at Wellnow - still
                             Learned systemic family constellation according to Hellinger
                             Childcare for VAMOS in Portugal
                             Training childcare for VAMOS Travel

                             Assistant in the training for children and youth coach at Volker Brück

                    2016 Child and youth coach - NLP training at IPE

                             Transformationswoche bei Robert Betz

                          Assistant in the training for children and youth coach at Volker Brück

                    2015 Yin Yang Massage education im Diamond Lotus Berlin

                             Tantramasseurin im Diamond Lotus

                             Head of the kitchen teams of the Diamond Lotus until 2019
                             SPA therapist and foot reader on Mein Schiff II

                    2014 SPA therapist and foot reader on Mein Schiff II
                    2013 Body & Mind Teaching developed

                            Tantra massages learned

                    2013 Discovery and perfection of foot reading through foot reflexology deepened with organ language

                             Seelische und Körperliche Heilung durch Tantramassagen  
                             SPA therapist on Mein Schiff II.
                    2013 EnjoyLifeAgain brought to life

                     2012 SPA Manager at SPA Park inn Hotel Berlin

                             Wellness assistant in the Vital Oase Berlin

                    2011 Training as SPA & Wellness Therapist

                    2010 Training in medical massage

                             Camino de Santiago

                    2009 Psycho-physiognomic training

                    2008 organ language discovered and acquired
                              Spinal therapy DORN & Breuss training

                               Front desk clerk Therapiezentrum Glindow

                    2007 Learning to dance tango is intensive bodywork: Tango in Touch

                    2003 Marcelus Williams, healer and shaman, I choose as my shamanic teacher
                              Chakra teaching and family constellation

                    1999 Full body massages English training in London
                             Aupair in London

                    1996 Reiki initiation


  • 27 countries visited
  • 36 islands visited
  • massaged and taught over 4,000 people
  • clients from 4 to 74 years old