A foot reading is a regression into past experiences,
during which thought patterns about oneself and others are dissolved and physical and psychological stability is created. From the shadow images of past events that are recognizable to me, I read and bring into consciousness what the person wanted to forget - until this moment.

A "journey" to memories
often from childhood, is often the "door opener" to understand certain reaction patterns and negative feelings with it. To retrieve the memories stored as images, to look at them, to understand them and to feel differently is existential to be able to react and perform confidently and self-assuredly in similar present situations.

Do you know your roots?
Your feet are your roots, roots of childhood, steadfastness, grounding, rootedness: they represent moving forward, coming forward or being rooted. The moment I hold your feet in my hands, I feel your joy, insecurity, anger, aggression, need for love, attention, insecurity and inner conflicts. In doing so, I naturally treat your emotions and experiences with mindfulness.


What might you feel when you do this?
Often it is cleansing tears or a tingling sensation in various parts of the body. Above all, however, it is relief that you feel that someone sees you and accepts you as you are. Unconscious and repressed things may and will show themselves.

It may be easy!
The touching thing about this method is that you don't have to find words or explanations for yourself. Together we explore your inner images so that they are easily understood by you and you can recognize uand change the impact on your life so far.




Why does it help you?
It is a beginning process of self-healing. Even in one session, amazing things come to light and can give you a different perspective on your life. What does not want to be solved during the treatment finds its place in a later physical or even emotional reaction. This happens when you are ready for it!


 "Es gibt nur zwei Tage in deinem Leben
an denen du nichts ändern kannst.
Der eine ist gestern & der andere ist morgen."
Dalai Lama