Dear seekers,
many times I myself have been faced with the question: "Do I have the money? and then do I find the answer to my search, illness or love, or, or? I have ALWAYS had the money and the will for Real Change has always been with me. Now are here and decide for yourself.
                                                                                         I believe in you. And you?

My services are not covered by public or private health insurance, because I am neither a doctor, non-medical practitioner nor psychologist, but
Body & Mind Teacher.



9 weeks companionship





For real change and the willingness to do "homework" almost daily and be guided.

a 9 hrs. online and in person
daily tel. consultation, after call!
and important daily "homework".



Body & Mind Teaching

from 79,-€ per h





NLP Anwendungen 60min:               79€

Massagen 60min:                              60€

Fußlesungen 50min:                          79€
Lomi Lomi Nui 120min:                    120€
SulaikaArt Malzeit bis 3h:                 89€
Antlitzdiagnose pro Lesung:            39€

Do you have a question that is important to you to be answered?
If you feel the need to call, then do it:



"There are only two days in your life,
that you can't change.
 One is yesterday & the other is tomorrow."


Dalai Lama