... is a kind of mandala

uniquely applicable
fast and everywhere usable
effective and lasting
unfolds your own personality and hidden potentials
switches off the mind, which stands in the way of new thoughts



Myself painting a SulaikaART. If you look closely at the photo you see then wise circles? These are so-called ORBS, energies that support my work with SuleikaART, or also lead. The video also existing about it in which also a sound can be heard clearly and distinctly, I will gladly show you personally.


mixes talent and knowledge,
to create from the gut,
captivating essence impulses
of a human being,
to unravel them in a seductive way
disentangle and
lovingly transform them.

Into that which may BE

is suitable for
personal growth, reorientation and the breaking of old structures, helps against diseases

is based on
findings of neurography, psycho-pathophysiognomics, Reiki, as well as years of processes of self-awareness.

can positively change
Relationships, life circumstances, communication problems, illness, habits that may have accumulated throughout life. Whatever it may be, the point is to obtain your own drawing, modeled in such a way that in it your very own potentials come into harmony with the universal, thus creating a new attitude towards life for the future. It will be activated and artfully integrated into your life without the mind getting in the way. This leads to the emergence of new thought impulses, existing structures are broken down and limitations are dissolved.

a SulaikaART that is tailored to you
is a wonderful help to give your life a new direction, with more balance and ease. I create SulaikaART individually. For the creation of SulaikaART I need 3-4 hours, in which I intensively connect with your unconsciously repressed, abilities and strengths.

In the colored circles
are new information about your unconscious and not lived feelings such as self-love, self-confidence, self-awareness or also information such as " I may draw boundaries" or " to be loved is due to me" and much more. I recognize their potential and paint them in different circles. In this process their mind is not in the way. That the mind cannot judge is essential in a rediscovery of oneself.

Creation of Sulaika ART, Munich on October 31, 2017