Genieße wieder das Leben


Gingers SeelenOase

Through the assignment of disease and organ, a possible cause picture can be found and discussed on a holistic basis. This observation naturally does not replace a doctor or therapy. Your willingness to accept and change in order to regain physical and mental health is given at the moment when you consciously decide that you want to become or stay healthy. This decision is an invaluable foundation for a new, self-confident and self-determined, successful life in joy, peace and abundance.

"It takes my breath away"
"It gets to my kidneys"
"It hurts my soul"
"It's pulling my hair out"
"I've had just about enough"
"Don't take it so much to heart"
"My nerves can't take it anymore"

With me, everything was in the stomach area. Either the stomach or the intestines cramped up after the separation of my parents.  Even today I notice when I have to emotionally process something not so nice, how my body reacts. The earlier a person understands his physical pain and the cause, the faster and easier healing happens. For a better understanding read about my first foot reading.               Happy day!