Do you know this experience:


You are right here, if you:

are in a life crisis, trapped in repetitive patterns, don't know how to get on alone, are considered a malingerer, have mental or physical illnesses that persist, simply have no one to LISTEN to, keep starting all over again:

Ask this questions yourself:
Have you already experienced this and want it to be different?
You have sought help in seminars, workshops, weekly sessions, etc. and feel strength within yourself and feel strength, energy, joy, self-confidence and trust in everything and in yourself? But afterwards, or in between? Did you miss someone you could call without a guilty conscience and ask for advice when you got stuck again?


A few questions for you to think about:

  • Have you been to meetings of like-minded people and have you experienced a lasting change?
  • Did you finally start a What'sup group with like-minded people you met there? Are you still in contact today?
  • What was the most important thing for you? The content or the people you didn't have to explain yourself to and who were similar toyou?
  • What positive experiences did you have?
  • Did you feel left alone with your newly arising questions after a successful meeting?
  • Have you never attended a meeting of like-minded people and if so, why?

Content of the 9 weeks coaching

9 appointments a 60min: online, home visit, in nature or in the practice

  • filtering out your desired goal
  • each lesson is individual and always adapted to your current feelings and learning steps
  • it goes step by step towards your goal, with optimal solutions and selected methods
  • I explore your obstacles with you and we transform them so that you feel better every day

Daily personal availability from 9am to 11pm - 3 options:

  • You reach me with your question? Then my support and answer is important.
  • You do not reach me and I call you back: You have already found your answer or there is no need for an answer

Individual homework
are an important part, because you have to do something actively and daily for your desired goal. Very, very, very important!

You achieve your self-determined goal if:
You don't let anyone tell you that you can't change.
Especially from your image ...

It is scientifically proven that the brain and oneself need time to develop new neuronal connections for new positive thoughts and consequently more positive feelings. Yes, also the right person who helps you to change. 9 weeks of accompaniment for a sustainable change are therefore optimal to reach the set goal.

With your openness and my presence for yourself, I promise you that you will reach your goal and create an amazing life.