Do you know this experience:

You where seeking for help in seminars, workshops, weekly recurring sessions, etc. and feel in yourself strength, energy, joy, self-confidence and confidence in everything and yourself? But after that, or in between? Did you miss someone whom you could call without a guilty conscience and ask for advice, when you once again did not know what to do?


  • How often have you been to an event, training course, seminar or workshop, individual appointment?
  • How did you feel afterwards? Full of energy? Did you think, finally you can pull out trees? finally the knot is broken?
  • Did you finally form a What'sup Group with the like-minded people you met there?
  • What was the most important thing for you? The content, or the people you didn't have to explain yourself to who were similar to you?
  • Or have you never been to an event and if so, why?
  • What positive experiences were you able to have?
  • Did you feel alone with your questions after an appointment?


My experiences were repeated that I alone at home again did not know what to do and felt left alone. Scientific evidence proves that the brain and yourself need time to develop new neural connections for new more positive thoughts and consequently more positive feelings. 9 weeks of guidance for lasting change is optimal.


You really want a change.

The common path

  • we find your goal: e.g.: more self-love, saving your relationship- or yourself, being able to enjoy being alone, independence from other opinions, no more heartaches etc.
  • each lesson is individual and is always adapted to your current feelings and learning steps
  • it goes step by step towards your goal
  • every week one hour online or in person
  • I explore your obstacles with you and we transform them so that you feel better every day.
  • daily availability by phone and in person
  • homework where you have to actively work on your issue - very, very, very important !
  • I stay with you all the way to your goal!

You achieve your self-determined goal when:

You don't let anyone tell you that you can't change. Especially from your game imaged... With your openness and my presence to you, I promise that you will achieve your goal and create an amazing life, if you really want!